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The Lost Prophet is Found

You’ve heard of Barterhouse, Old Blowhard and Rhetoric. Now we welcome the fourth edition to Orphan Barrel’s collection, Lost Prophet. We suggest you judge this book by its cover.

A 22 year old rye whiskey, Lost Prophet was distilled in 1991 at the old George T. Stagg Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. Then the whiskey further aged in the Sitzel-Weller Warehouses in Louisville. This extensive aging process adds sharp varying tones to Lost Prophet. After 22 years of aging in charred barrels, this whiskey certainly has a robust and enjoyable smoky flavor.

One of the most intriguing parts of this whiskey, besides its strong flavors, is the packaging. Lost Prophet’s label is meant to reflect its divine and intricate personality by mixing line illustrations, embellished typography and gaudy borders. An embossed gold design on the primary label showcases the symbolism of the “lost lamb.” The rich amber colors of the whiskey offer a beautiful backdrop behind the black designs.

On the nose, Lost Prophet’s aroma is filled with sweet notes of honey, summer fruit and clove.  At first sip, you will taste flavors of spice cake, warm vanilla and leather and ends with a sweet, sweet smoky finish.

In an effort to produce the most quality product, Orphan Barrel has only distributed a small quantity of Lost Prophet, making it a great buy.

Look forward to Orphan Barrel’s fifth release, Forged Oak to make its appearance in early February for this year. It’s a 15 year old bourbon from the Bernheim Distillery, before it was sold to Heaven Hill. It has a much sweeter finish compared to Lost Prophet.

If you are interested in purchasing Lost Prophet, please reserve on our website today. Beware- this product is selling fast, so get your hands on a bottle today!