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The Perfect Wine Pairings for a Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops and treat your special someone to an exquisite dinner. If you want that dinner to be truly memorable, then it needs the perfect pairing of food and wine. We’ve put together some suggestions for a Valentine’s Day feast that will make Cupid jealous!


For a starter, what could be better than Roasted Tomato Bruschetta? This classic dish is best enjoyed with a light, crisp and slightly sparkling white wine – like an Italian Prosecco. It’s got just the right balance of fruitiness and acidity to complement the bright, tart flavor of tomato.


For the main course, why not serve up a classic Surf and Turf? The big bold flavors of the steak need an equally robust wine, so a nice Cabernet Sauvignon will do the trick. With notes of blackberry, plum and spice, it’s sure to add that extra special something to your Valentine’s feast.


Finish off the dinner with a decadent chocolate cake. To bring out the sweet, creamy flavor of the dessert, go for a Merlot or Riesling. These two varietals are a match made in heaven when it comes to helping you indulge your sweet tooth.

With these carefully selected wine pairings, your Valentine’s Day dinner will be truly special. You can be sure that it will make your date go weak at the knees!

Don’t forget to pour a glass of something bubbly, too – like champagne or sparkling wine – for a celebratory toast. Pour it into those fancy flutes and make this Valentine’s Day a night to remember! Find the perfect wine at Payless Liquors today.