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The Victorious Night

Superhero movies are very popular right now. These films make billions of dollars in the theaters and then proceed to make even more money from t-shirts, video games and toys. Why do these movies do so well? They’re fun of course, but how do they grab our imaginations and refuse to let go?

My theory is that people love a great dramatic performance. Whether it’s a heart-racing action movie or a flavorful beer (see where I’m going here?), we love the bright and the bold. If you want to see a good movie, I suggest you go rent Thor 2. If you want an amazing new brew, you need to keep reading.

First up we have Victory Brewing Company’s Hop Ranch Imperial India Pale Ale. If nothing else, this beer at least tells the uninitiated what IPA stands for. Brewed with the newly popular Mosaic and Azzaca hops, Hop Ranch is brewed to celebrate the farmers dedicated to harvesting the high alpha varieties that popularize good IPAs. While the nose on this beer is big and tropical, the bold flavors reminded me of candied grapefruit, pine sap and caramel slathered toast. With seasonal availability, Hop Ranch is one IPA you need to try, and try fast.

We also recently got a hold of Two Brothers Brewing Company’s Night Cat. This dark, hoppy wheat beer got an 86% on Beer Advocate, and we can see why. Brewed with a Citra hops (of Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust fame!), Night Cat is a deliciously well balanced addition to the Two Brothers lineup. Its citrus and tropical fruity notes balance well with a strong, rich and roasted malt backbone that make for a really tasty seasonable beer. Come in and grab a case, because this one is going to fly off shelves.

Ready to slip on your body armor and drive the Batmobile down to get these beers? We understand. Or maybe you’re not a fan of fruity beers? Please feel free to talk to our knowledgeable staff. They’re always happy to help you find the perfect flavor. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or our website. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Hop Ranch, Night Cat or both.