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Tips for Picking the Perfect Winter Beer for Your Taste Palette

Winter is always associated with the holidays. But what happens when the decorations are put away, the tree is at the curb, and the confetti is swept up? While you’re recovering from the extended family time you just experienced, you don’t have to let the cold weather keep you down. Finding new experiences this winter can start with finding the right winter beer that fits your tastes. Make your winter a little warmer by educating yourself on the types of beers that seem to be made for the season.

  • Often dark and bitter, these beers will leave you feeling like you just had a meal. Not only will they fill you with warmth, but with flavors reminiscent of coffee, licorice, and chocolate, stouts give you a creamy and rich experience.
  • Displaying deep browns and reddish colors, porters are easily recognizable with their creamy heads. They provide you with the perfect warmth when you want something a little less bold than a stout. But be ready to feel full with this slightly bitter heavy beer that boasts faint chocolate flavors.
  • Imperial beers are often thought to be extra boozy. These beers are not for the all-day drinking that you may want to do if your afternoon is filled with movies on the couch. Easily sneaking up on you, these will certainly leave you ready for a nap. The extra alcohol content is like an extra blanket that will leave you feeling snug as a bug in a rug.
  • Bourbon on its own is a great liquor, but when used in the brewing process, it provides a unique flavor profile. To infuse this flavor, brewers will use a barrel-aging process to infuse the flavors in. These beers will boast oaky flavors that are best infused into heavy, high-alcohol beers, making them perfect for winter.
  • Chocolate and coffee. While stouts and porters have natural chocolate and coffee flavors, brewers have become particularly skilled at intentionally adding these flavors to their beer. Heavy and dark, these brews are a great complement to the winter weather.
  • Not just for the holidays, these brews are slowly gaining popularity. While not an all-day beer, the spicy taste of eggnog blends well with heavier and darker beers. Try it as a dessert after your favorite winter meal.


Trying a new beer this winter is more than just identifying the tastes that appeal to you. It is about the experience of discovery. So, as you venture into exploring new flavors, make sure you practice good techniques by using the right glass for your beer, serving at the right temperature, and pouring it in a way that complements the flavor.

At Payless Liquors, our team can help you identify the best beers to try this winter and the best way to experience the tastes. Our team prides itself on helping our customers discover the best beer, wine, and liquor for them.

Whether you are looking strictly for the winter or finding a new favorite all year long, come into Payless Liquors and let us be a part of your flavor journey.