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Welcome Bourbon Women To Indy

Bourbon Women in Indy.We are excited to announce that Payless Liquors will be a part of the Bourbon Women Indianapolis inaugural launch on March 7th. At our Greenwood Mall store we will be hosting a Grand Bourbon Tasting which will include bourbon samples from over 30 distilleries and breweries, the chance to meet Master Distillers from Garrison Brothers and Hobson Roberts, and food will be provided by the local restaurants Fireside Brewhouse and Between the Bun. Admission is free and open anyone who wishes to participate. This is a time to welcome Bourbon Women to Indy and celebrate everything bourbon.

At this event you will be able to sample several popular bourbons on the market today. For this week’s blog we would like to highlight those bourbons you might taste at the Grand Bourbon Tasting and give you a little insight into their flavor profiles. So sit back and turn your taste buds on.

Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea

Taste Jefferson's Ocean.Featured several times on our blog and social media, Jefferon’s Ocean by Jefferson’s Bourbon has an incredible story behind it. Each batch contains bourbon that was literally aged at sea in bourbon barrels where they traveled around the world stopping at five different continents and crossing the equator four times. The theory behind aging at sea is that the constant movement of the liquid in the barrels speeds up the aging process and comes into contact with the wood more often, which provides stronger flavors. A seriously tasty bourbon, Ocean is rich and deep is character with notes of dark fruit, all spice and vanilla. The finish is a well-balanced, medium-long and filled with caramel, wood, salt and vanilla.

Barrel Chested Barleywine

Taste Barrel Chested.Created by local brewery, Upland Brewing Company this barelywine ale will be tasted at the event because it’s aged in Willet Distillery bourbon barrels. This isn’t necessarily a new trend. Before metal kegs, beer was fermented and stored in oak barrels similar to those used to age bourbon whiskey. This process adds an added vanilla flavor to beer. Barrel Chested provides similar flavors with rich notes of toffee, warm vanilla and sweet caramel. You will also notice the undertones of toasted oak and sweet bourbon. Barleywine will certainly please and unite those craft beer and bourbon lovers.

Backbone Bourbon Uncut

Taste Backbone Bourbon.Another local favorite, Backbone Bourbon is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and then bottled in small batched in Bardstown, Kentucky. Uncut gives bourbon enthusiasts a taste of the real flavors by not “cutting” the bourbon with water; a very common practice with other bourbons on the market. Backbone feels their customers shouldn’t miss out on the characteristic flavors that are lost during their practice. One can now enjoy the originality and purity of bourbon, while also giving them the option to choose how strong they would like to sip their bourbon. With the addition of water or ice cubes your ideal strength can be acquired.

Save the Date!

These three products are simply just a preview of what will be sampled on March 7th. We encourage to save the date and join us at our Greenwood Mall store for a great night. Learn more about the bourbons we will sample by following us on Twitter and Facebook.