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Welcome Stranahan’s to Indiana

Yet another wonderful whiskey hailing from Colorado is making its way to Payless stores. This time it’s Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. The story of Stranahan’s starts back in 1998, when firefighters answered the call at liquor connoisseur, George Stranahan’s burning barn. Volunteer firefighter, Jess Graber and George were inspired by the roaring amber color of the fire. They also discovered they shared a passion for the Colorado landscape and fine whiskey. And thus, Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey was born. Not only did they create Colorado’s first micro distillery, but also the first legal distillery in Colorado since Prohibition.

Graber and Strananhan developed a recipe for their product that was the smoothest, yet most potent whiskey of its kind. The 94 proof, straight small batch whiskey is aged in new charred oak barrels, just like bourbon. The final product turns out to be a blend of 2, 3 and 5 year old whiskeys. Stranahan’s is distilled from 100% malt barley with four of the barleys coming from the local Colorado area. The water used in distilling comes from the Eldorado Spring just outside of Boulder. You could say Stranahan’s evokes a delicious combination of the Colorado outdoors.

Stranahan’s comes in a sleek, glass bottle with minimalistic packaging. Each bottle has a yellow label draped across the middle with a tin cup top that covers the cork. What is most unique about the packaging is the almost sentimental notes describing what that person was doing at that exact moment while they bottled the product, for example “listening to Christmas carols” and “drinking coffee”. The label also includes the distinctive signature of the distiller. Did we also mention the bottling process is done by volunteers? People can simply sign up online to be a volunteer in the process. Volunteers are then are chosen from a random lottery. Currently the waiting list to volunteer is approximately 20,000 people long!

The Nose

Stranahan’s has strong hints of coffee, oak and oatmeal along with some strong undertones of vanilla and caramel. The coffee scent and taste can be accredited to the roasted barley.

The Taste

On the palate, it provides a full, thick richness that leaves you wanting more. Stranahan’s has an interesting, yet unique flavor that can’t really be compared to any other whiskeys of its kind. The sweet coffee flavor includes notes of more vanilla and caramel.

The Finish

The finish is nice with a slight spicy kick. A lingering touch of mint taste will leave your lips tingling.

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of these limited release bottles. You can pick up Stranahan’s at select Payless Liquors stores, or you can reserve one here on our website.