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Whiskey that Embraces Your Ambitions

The story behind Glendfiddich Cask of Dreams is unlike any story you’ve heard before. It’s one of taking chances and fulfilling your dreams. We invite you to take a seat as we tell the story of how this timeless whiskey has set out to inspire people around the world.

In 1886 William Grant abandoned his career and set out on an adventure. His vision was to produce the “best dram in the valley.” At 46 years old, he enlisted the help of his nine children and set out to build his whiskey distillery stone by stone. On Christmas Day in 1887, that first barrel of Glenfiddich Spirit symbolized Grant’s ambition to accomplish his greatest dream. He overcame adversity and took the first steps in his journey to give the world one of the best single malt whiskies.

Now, well over a century later, we honor the inspiring story of William Grant. In 2012, Glenfiddich encouraged fans to share their hopes and dreams on their website. Each month, two people were selected to have their name and submissions printed on a very special edition to be called, “Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams.”

Meanwhile, across the United States, Glenfiddich representatives took 11 new, unused oak casks and set them in the middle of 11 cities. They invited locals to sign the casks with their names and dreams into the wooden barrels. The casks were then sent to the Highlands of Scotland to be put into new casks for finishing. The new oak ages spirits fast, and after just three months, the “Casks of Dreams” were bottled and ready to be distributed.

Today, Glenfiddich has released a limited release bottle to feature more names of whiskey lovers and their dreams. These bottles are to acknowledge the pioneering spirit of Glenfiddich and to continue to help people aspire to reach their goals.

This intriguing whiskey is light in body and inviting. Vanilla and toffee give it a taste to be desired. Also slightly fruity, hints of golden raisin, dried apricot and juicy apple are present. The explosion of these flavors indulges your senses and finishes with a spicy zest. We recommend drinking Cask of Dreams on the rocks for a smooth, delicate taste, or consume it straight with a splash of water to enhance the natural flavor.

Cask of Dream is a limited edition bottle and is highly sought after by those in the whiskey collecting community. Don’t miss your chance to honor the great dreamer, William Grant. Reserve your bottle at Payless Liquors. Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams is a great reminder to embrace your ambitions and to always be dreaming.