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Why Champagne Isn’t Just for Parties


When we think of champagne, most of us probably have a similar idea. It’s the perfect drink for a celebration such as a New Year’s Eve Party, wedding, Christmas party, or any other formal get-together.


Just because champagne is the perfect fit for special occasions doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed at other times. In fact, champagne is enjoyable year-round. You don’t need a big event to pop open a bottle.


Unfortunately, many people feel that if you drink champagne outside of special events, the drink will become less “special.” Because beer and wine are a common part of many people’s day-to-day lives, enjoying those drinks can feel ordinary. Some individuals don’t want champagne to begin feeling “ordinary” as well. Instead, it remains an exclusive treat for special occasions and holidays.


However, champagne can be enjoyed at any time without losing its appeal or celebratory associations.


Why Do We Celebrate With Champagne?


Why do we consider champagne to be the drink of celebration in the first place?


The tradition of toasting and celebrating with champagne dates back several centuries. Historically, champagne was an expensive and luxurious beverage. Before we discovered techniques to prevent it, these bottles tended to burst. Since champagne bottles exploded so frequently, many distilleries lost a large portion of the champagne they produced. This caused the drink to become more exclusive, giving it a larger price tag.


At the time, champagne was something of a novelty. Since it was so expensive, it was a favorite of European royals and the wealthy. Whether it was birthdays, coronations, or other royal celebrations, it wasn’t uncommon for champagne to be served.


Life is About the Simple Pleasures


When you experience a big milestone, the next obvious step may be to crack open the champagne and celebrate. Many of us disregard the importance of smaller milestones and moments throughout our lives. These are the experiences that define our lives on a day-to-day basis, and they’re just as worthy of celebration.


Rather than sit around and wait for the next big event, try celebrating the simple pleasures. When you do, don’t be afraid to sip on a glass of delicious champagne. Who says you can only toast to major, life-changing events? Even if you just had a good day at work, or a relaxing weekend, it’s never a bad time for a toast.


Make Ordinary Experiences Feel Fancy


When you indulge in a glass of bubbly, it’s easy to make ordinary events feel fancy — and who doesn’t need that every now and again? Daily life doesn’t need to feel monotonous or boring. Although your leftover dinner may not feel like a “fancy” meal, when you enjoy it with some champagne, you can transform the entire experience.


Life is short. If you want to celebrate the small things and embrace your fancy side, then who’s stopping you? All it takes is a bottle of champagne.


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