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Wild Turkey Master’s Keep

Wild Turkey’s master distiller Jimmy Russell used to believe that bourbon is best when aged between 8 and 12 years, claiming that any longer and the bourbon loses its vanilla and caramel flavors. Well, it looks like he has changed his mind! Alongside his son, Eddie, he has released a new 17-year bourbon by the name of Master’s Keep.

Master’s Keep is the oldest bourbon that Wild Turkey has ever released to the American market. Originally distilled in 1996, Jimmy and Eddie were forced to place the barrels in a brick warehouse due to a shortage of space in their usual metal-sided warehouses. Over the years, the pair began to notice a different taste which they attributed to the lack of circulation and lower temperatures of the brick warehouse. Instead of dumping these barrels as a failure, they continued to allow the bourbon to age longer to what turned out to be near perfection.


After 17 years, the father-son team discovered that unlike most bourbons, these barrels had lessened in proof over time. Bottled at a barrel-proof of around 87 proof, Master’s Keep still has the same light amber coloring and sour corn scent of the rest of Wild Turkey’s bourbons, but the difference is in the taste.

Proving himself wrong, Jimmy Russell’s Master’s Keep was able to maintain the caramel and vanilla taste throughout the aging process. These flavors mixing with honey, oak, and a chocolate bitterness make room for a slightly sour yet dry finish, setting it apart from other Wild Turkey bourbons.

Master’s Keep was released to the American market just last month! Request your bottle today by using our Contact Us form and be among the first to taste the newest Wild Turkey bourbon!