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Wild Turkey: The Spirit of America Lives On

Did you know that in 1964, bourbon was declared America’s “Native Spirit?” In fact, bourbon is one of the few spirits the U.S. can claim as their own. That’s why the U.S. Congress declared September “National Bourbon Heritage Month” in 2007. The bill was sponsored by a Kentucky senator, and passed without opposition.

Less than a year later, another awesome thing occurred. Wild Turkey released American Spirit. This rare alcohol is a 15 Year Old Bourbon produced in 2008 as a limited run by Wild Turkey. Only 24,000 bottles were produced world-wide to celebrate National Bourbon Month. To commemorate the release, the bottles were designed with a unique shape, and shipped in beautiful wooden box with an insert explaining the history of the spirit. Every bottle comes with a 100% wood stopper, and a limited edition coin affixed to the bottle. A strip stamp seal on the bottle was added for additional authenticity.

American Spirit is 100 Proof bourbon that’s a nod to the history of bourbon making. This is considered a Straight Whiskey, with no additional flavorings added. But enough history. What can you expect when you open the bottle up?

Nose: American Spirit has a very alcoholic smell, so let it aerate for a moment. Afterwards you should expect strong elements of leather, vanilla and nuts. There are lesser hints of rye, maple syrup and citrus. Overall, the head is robust. It will probably run off any drinkers that expect this bourbon to be mixed with cola.

Taste: American Spirit starts off smooth and sweet. It’s almost surprising how light the initial flavor is. After that, you can expect a spicy middle flavor. The burn is nice without being painful. Overall the taste is very smooth and rich. Again, American Spirit isn’t for the rookie bourbon drinker.

Finish: This is a strong finish, but not overpowering or even complex. The finish is smooth and dry, with hints of almonds, oak and vanilla. Don’t expect any fireworks—this is a slow, refined finale.

Overall: If you’re expecting a giant, obvious flavor like 101 or Maker’s Mark, you’re looking at the wrong bottle. This is a strong, rich bourbon with a smooth flavor. The finish isn’t as strong as some like, but many will enjoy the simple subtlety of American Spirit.

I highly recommend Wild Turkey American Spirit for both the bourbon fan and collector. For those that love to drink bourbon, this is a smooth ride that you can appreciate. For the collector, you’re purchasing a beautiful product from a rare, limited collection. Interested in buying? Wild Turkey American Spirit is $130.00 a bottle at Payless Liquors. Stop in now before they’re all gone!