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William Grant & Sons Rare Cask Reserves Ghosted Reserve

Built in 1938, Inverleven was located just outside of the lowlands, distilling high quality scotch whiskies until it closed in 1991, mothballing in 1992.

Similarly, Ladyburn, an expansion of the Girvan distillery, was built in 1966, but closed less than a decade later in 1975 and was demolished in 1976. Both distilleries have been silent ever since.

Now, the two lowland distilleries’ products are being reintroduced into the market, but with a unique twist. William Grant & Sons’ Master Distiller, Brian Kinsman, has handpicked casks from each distillery to blend into one rare scotch whisky. This unique invention goes by the name Rare Cask Reserves Ghosted Reserve.

This singular blend scotch has been aged for more than a quarter of a century. Those 26 years allowed the flavors of each scotch to mold together, blending perfectly. Upon opening the bottle, the scent is sweet, but oaky. The flavors of each scotch are separate, yet blended. The taste is oaky and slightly oily from Ladyburn, yet sweet, fruity, and floral notes are present from Inverleven. The finish is long, intense, and smooth. Kinsman describes the overall experience on the palate as “deep and intense, with a creamy mouthful followed by delicate spice and toasted almonds.”

William Grant & Sons’ Rare Cask Reserves Ghosted Reserve is more and just a rare scotch, it is truly unrepeatable and something that Brian Kinsman is extremely proud of. “It bears testament to the vision and skills of the five Master Blenders who came before me. This exceptional release is a whisky that gives me enormous personal pride. I see it as truly a high point of what blending can bring to the finest whisky, and a spirit that would win the deepest respect of our founder, William Grant.”

Only 4,100 bottles of this special whisky were released throughout the world. With less than half of those in the United States, they are bound to vanish quickly. Don’t let this one-of-a-kind release slip away from you. Contact Us today to reserve a bottle.