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Winter Cocktails

Winter Cocktail Recipes: Top 4


Cold winter weather leaves many of us reaching for spirits to stay warm and comfortable. Whether you plan to entertain friends and family this holiday or simply enjoy a winter cocktail in front of a roaring fire, check out our recipes below to ensure you can survive even the coldest winter nights with confidence and class.


Nutty Irishman


This sweet, nutty winter cocktail is a winter staple for a reason, and our friends at Delish have created a decadent version sure to please even the pickiest guests.


To make the Irish whipped cream that will top the winter cocktail, whisk together 1 cup of whipped cream and 1 Tb of powdered sugar until stiff peaks form, then slowly add ¼ cup of Irish cream. Transfer this mixture to a piping bag and let it chill while you move on to the next step.


Next, fill an iced shaker with 1 ½ ounces of Irish cream and 1 ½ ounces of hazelnut liquor (we recommend Frangelico), shake the contents until the shaker becomes frosty, and strain. Serve with Irish whipped cream and chopped hazelnuts.


Gingerbread Eggnog


Delicious, creamy gingerbread eggnog can be enjoyed at breakfast, brunch, or mixed with dark rum for a seasonal cocktail any time of the day or night. Spruce Eats notes that carefully tempering the eggs is the key for this recipe, and the finished product can be stored for up to five days in the fridge.


Begin with six large eggs, separating yolks from whites and placing the yolks in a medium-sized bowl. Add ½ cup of sugar and whisk until the mixture becomes creamy, smooth, and light yellow in color. Create a spice mixture with ¼ tsp allspice, ¼ tsp ground cloves, ½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp ground ginger, and a pinch of salt.


Place 1 cinnamon stick and 3 cups of milk in a large saucepan and heat on the stovetop until it starts to simmer, then add ¼ tsp vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of dark molasses, and the spice mixture you created in the previous step. Next, carefully ladle the egg mixture into the milk mixture while whisking constantly so the eggs do not cook.


Bring this combination to a simmer on the stove, regularly check the temperature with a candy thermometer, and turn off the heat after it reaches 160 degrees. Transfer to a large glass bowl, cover, and chill for at least four hours, then you can add ¼ c. rum after it has fully chilled.


Peppermint Bark Mimosas


A traditional mimosa pairs champagne with orange, cranberry, or other fruit juices, but you can add a seasonal twist with peppermint and chocolate. Sparkling wine and peppermint might seem like an odd combo, but this recipe from Cocktails with Class is an easy and delicious crowd-pleaser.


To make a candy cane rim, crush candy cane pieces in a shallow dish, dip the rim of a champagne flute in simple syrup, then gently dip the glass into the crushed candy canes. Set aside for a few minutes, then add ½ ounce peppermint vodka and ½ ounce clear Crème de cacao to the flute, top with prosecco, hang a candy cane on the rim for extra flair, and serve immediately.


Frost and Fire


If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth or prefer the smoky, peaty flavor of scotch, Johnnie Walker’s frost and fire cocktail may be just the treat for you as the temperatures drop. Combine 1 ounce Johnnie Walker Black Label, ½ ounce sweet vermouth, 4 ounces club soda, and a dash of spicy bitters in a highball. Add a few cubes of ice, stir gently, and garnish with an orange slice.


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