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DoubleWood 17yr

With Age Comes Whisky Wisdom

David Stewart celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie with his release of DoubleWood 17. The Single Malt Scotch Whisky embraces his most cherished achievement, consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process referred to as ‘cask finishing’.

Extra 5 Years

You may be familiar with the wildly popular 12 year-old DoubleWood. The key difference between the Balvenie 12yr and 17yr is the maturation process. The longer aging process sets the tone for distinctly different deep vanilla, green apple and toffee tones. It also provides a richer and more complex flavor. First all DoubleWood whisky matured in American oak barrels that impart sweet vanilla tones. Then with an extra five years in ex-bourbon oak casks followed by a short stint in ex-sherry European oak, the 17yr offers a perfect balance of fruit, oak and malt. Rich notes of spice also add depth to the overall fullness of flavor.

Expressions of DoubleWood

A rich and smooth expression of cinnamon, fresh baking spices and butterscotch. Elegant aromas of oak, honey and sour green apple. The taste is characterized by honeysuckle, warm almonds and vanilla. Notes of roasted toffee and rich oak are also layered throughout the flavor. The finish is long with a combination of vanilla and honey sweetness. A perfect ending to a nice and rich Scotch whisky.

Purchase Today

Of you are a fan The Balvenie 12yr, 17yr is a must-buy. Purchase at a Payless Liquors store near you, or reserve a bottle here on our website.