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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 White Corn Bourbon

Woodford Reserve’s owner, Oscar Pepper, and Master Distiller, James Crow, have been credited with refining and defining many processes in the whiskey world. These processes include mashing, yeast propagation, copper pot distillation, and the maturing of whiskey in new charred oak casks. Together, Pepper and Crow redefined bourbon and the distillation process. Their legacy lives on even now, more than 200 years later.

To honor this legacy, Woodford Reserve created a Master Collection. Each year, a new bottle is released. The bourbon is made using their pioneering processes, gain recipes, and1838_white_corn-149x300 fermentation style. The result is a growing range of unique and delicious whiskies.

This year, Woodford Reserve released its 10th bottle in the series, the 1838 Style White Corn Bourbon. As the name suggests, this whiskey got its unique character from a change in the first source of flavor—the grain. Instead of the traditional yellow corn, the distillers chose to use white corn. The result is a flavor that perfectly complements the other grains and creates a sharper, yet lighter and sweeter whiskey with a full-flavored profile.

At first sight, one may not notice anything special about this whiskey. Its light, golden honey coloring is similar to most bourbons. However, the character and complexity is clear as soon as the bottle is opened. Scents of nutty grain pour out, softened and sweetened by hints of apply, sugar, and vanilla. All of this is tied together with spice and smoke. The taste is just as complex. Shortbread and lemon custard take the lead, balanced by hints of pepper. The finish is long and slightly dry, leaving a sweet, buttery texture behind.

This unique whiskey is the perfect choice to help celebrate the holidays! Reserve a bottle for yourself using our Contact Us form today.