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XXV Years Worth of Flavor

The Glenlivet XXV pays perfect homage to the skill and craftsmanship of those involved in making this premium spirit. The 25 year old Speyside single malt Scotch whisky is a must for all coinsurers.

Olorosco Cask

The secret to XXV’s depth of flavor and smooth sweetness is the influence of the Olorosco Sherry cask aging. With just a couple of years of being finished in the sherry casks, XXV is provided with a flavor unlike any other whisky products sold on the market.

Range of Flavor

The Glenvitt XXV translates layers of nut, spice and woody flavors with a thick and rich floral nose. Light and fruity traditional flavors are also emulated with the familiar Glenvitt flavor. Tasting notes also include ripe raisins, sugary honey and heather. The balanced acidity if achieved with big flavors of morello cherry, dried herb and cooked apple. The sweetness of the Scotch can even be compared to toasted raisin bread glazed with butter. The finish is long and fragrant with a punch of winter spice.

Special Delivery

And The Glenvitt didn’t stop with the premium flavors of XXV. Each bottle comes in a signed wooden box that has been numbered. The bottle has been reinforced with The Glenvitt XXVlimestone and brushed steel. The fantastic packaging completes the overall rich characteristic the spirit.

Purchase Today

If you are a whisky enthusiast don’t miss out on The Glenvitt XXV. Purchase in Payless Liquors stores or reserve a bottle here on our website.