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Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon

Yellowstone Bourbon has a lengthy history dating back to the late 1800s. At one time, the American whiskey brand was the largest selling brand out of Kentucky and was in association with legendary distiller J.B. Dant.

In 1993, Luxco, an alcohol distributor, took possession of Yellowstone. They never distilled the bourbon themselves, opting to simply buy in it in bulk & bottle it under the brand’s name. But now, Luxco has invested in half ownership of the Limestone Branch distillery, whose president and distiller, Steve Beam, happens to be a fourth generation descendent of J.B. Dant. Limestone Distillery has been assigned production of the Yellowstone brand and their first release is here! It is the Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon.

Yellowstone’s Limited Edition Bourbon is the perfect mix of a seven-year rye whiskey, a seven-year wheat whiskey, and a 12-year rye whiskey. Some of these whiskies were chill filtered while others weren’t and each brings a unique flavor to the mix. The result has great depth and complexity. To ensure greatness, Steve Beam hand-selected the barrels of 12-year bourbon that he thought would round-out the flavor profile, creating an experience for the drinker.

And he didn’t stop there. In order to maximize the flavor of this bourbon and ensure the three whiskies mixed perfectly together, Steve Beam removed the 12-year rye from its barrels and poured the seven-year bourbon in. This allowed the younger whiskey to pick up more mature flavors, like hints of cinnamon and caramel along with smoky notes.

Due to the historic ties between Limestone Distillery’s president and Yellowstone Bourbon and in honor of the 105th anniversary of his great-grandfather selling his Old Trump Distillery, Steve Beam opted to bottle this bourbon at 105 proof.

Yellowstone’s Limited Edition Bourbon pours with a dark, rich amber color and scents of sweet fig, cinnamon, vanilla, and oaked caramel. The taste is that of toffee, vanilla, and oak which makes way for a spicy finish containing notes of rye and cinnamon.

With just 6,000 bottles produced, this is truly a limited edition find. Make sure you don’t miss your chance! Reserve a bottle using our Contact Us form.