Stranahan’s Black Label

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There is a new expression on the block!  Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey presents Diamond Peak, the Black Label of its original.  Aged for 4 years, this 94 proof whiskey is smooth enough to easily be drank neat.

Craft Distillery

Stranahan’s was founded by Jess Graber and George Stranahan, the whiskey’s namesake, in Colorado in 2004.  Colorado’s first microdistillery, they were also the state’s first legal distillery since prohibition.

Also being one of the first craft whiskey distillers in the US, Stranahan’s is said to have “kicked off the Colorado distilling craze”.  They are dedicated to making the smoothest, most distinctively-flavored whiskey on the market using hand-crafted distilling techniques and Colorado’s premium natural ingredients

image1Diamond Peak is selected from the oldest and rarest casks of American oak barrels that have been aged 4 years.  There are 6 total batches of Diamond Peak, hand bottled by volunteers at the Colorado distillery.

Tasting Notes from the Source

Stranahan’s Master Distiller Rob Dietrich has shared his tasting notes on Diamond Peak and are presented below for you:

Nose: Dried apricot, tack-shed leather, black licorice, hint of wet cedar.

Palate: Turkish, dark roast coffee, butterscotch oak, cayenne and Mexican hot chocolate with a parting gift of a rolling creamy finish.

Don’t Miss Out

This is a limited edition whiskey with only 6 batches out and even fewer available outside of Colorado.  Purchase your bottle at your local Payless Liquors store or reserve a bottle on our website.  Hurry before they are gone.

This Isn’t Your Father’s Root Beer

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This Isn’t Your Father’s Root Beer

In honor of all the Dads out there, this week on our blog we’re highlighting Small Town Brewery’s, Not Your Father’s Root Beer.  It’s silky, smooth unmatched flavor is the perfect beverage to celebrate dad this weekend.

Looking for a beer that smells and tastes exactly like your favorite fountain pop Root Beer? Then this is the beer for you. The fermentation process brought out by Small Town includes several natural ingredients including: honey, vanilla, cinnamon, wintergreen and sarsaparilla bark. Although Not Your Father’s is a highlight acclaimed beer, some critics don’t even consider it a beer because it lacks on critical ingredient essential to beer, hops. But this hasn’t stopped it from being wildly popular among enthusiasts.

The 12-ounce, 5.9% ABV bottles pour dark cola brown with a slight caramel color. In comparison to actual root beer, it’s a little stickier and not nearly as fizzy. But as we mentioned before, all the aromas are reminiscent of soda with sweet honeyed vanilla and sassafras spice. There is a subtle boozy note to it, sort of like a spiked root beer. Flavors of black licorice, cream soda and small bitter rootlike qualities.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is for everyone. It appeals to beer aficionados, as well those who don’t typically enjoy beer. Not only is it great to share with your dad this weekend, but also very enjoyable at a summer BBQ, out camping and any other warm-weather activities. Its available now in stores at a limited supply (this stuff is going fast!), but you can also reserve it here on our website.

Bourbon for the World’s Greatest Dad

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Bourbon for the World's Greatest Dad

Father’s Day is June 21st. Are you ready to shower your dad in gifts? This week we are offering a great bourbon for an equally great price just in time for Father’s Day. Explore E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon with us today.

Who is Colonel Taylor?

Bourbon founding father, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. left a lasting legacy on the ever-growing industry. Even today the techniques he perfected in the Civil War era are still used today. Enter E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Bottled in Bond. Made by hand, each bottle contains bourbon aged in century old warehouses by Colonel Taylor.

With the purchase of his first distillery, O.F.C. Distillery, Colonel Taylor right away developed new equipment and sour mash techniques to perfect the process of producing bourbon. Not to mention, he was also a key player in the passing of the Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon for the World's Greatest DadAct of 1897 which created a standard of quality for bourbon whiskey. While also holding the position of May of Frankfort, Kentucky for 16 years, Taylor had a major part in helping grow and develop the bourbon industry in the state.

Bottled in Bond

The E.H. Small Batch Bourbon was aged for 7 years in the famous Colonel Taylor warehouses, which were built in 1881. It’s one of the most affordable of the Buffalo Trace collection and presents a smooth and delicate character. A great spirit for sipping bottled at 100 proof.

Flavor Profile

The aroma is filled with your usual vanilla and caramel scents, but with an unexpected green apple and woody smell. The nose also presents unusual notes of honey and hot cinnamon. On the palate the corn base is apparent with notes of tangy apple cider, toffee and butter. Hints of butterscotch and caramel corn are also tasted on the first sip. The finish has just enough bite with a very pleasing medium-to-long finish with caramel lingering throughout.


Some of the various accolades E.H. Taylor Small Batch has received include:

  • 97 Points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge (2 points higher than Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old Bourbon)
  • Liquid Gold Award – 2014 Jim Murray’s Whisk Bible
  • Gold at the Worldwide Whiskey – Bourbon 2013 International Wine 7 Spirit Competition
  • 2015 Gold Medal- San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • 2013 Double Gold Medal – The Fifty Best Bourbon Whiskeys 2015

E.H. Taylor Small Batch is the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. And just for that reason we have it available at special price of just $49.99. We encourage you to purchase this rare bourbon in one of our stores on reserve a bottle here on our website.

Celebrating 250 Years of Hennessy

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Celebrating 250 Years of Hennessy

It’s a cognac of great distinction. This year Hennessy is celebrating the big 2-5-0. To commemorate the anniversary they have released the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend, which pays full tribute to the centuries of excellence, expansion and passion.

The Aging

A cognac is defined by its blend and aging process. The Hennessy Master Blender, Yann Fillioux prides himself in offering the best product for the 250 edition. With 50 years of experience, Fillioux has created a blend made from double distilled white wine from locally grown ugni blanc grapes. The spirit was aged in Limousin oak barrels stored at ground level near the banks of the Charente River. These barrels add a touch of warm vanilla to the overall taste of the cognac. The eaux-de-vie blend has been aged 15-35 years. It’s a harmonious balance of power, vivacity and elegance.

The Boldness

At first glance, Hennessy Collector’s Blend makes a statement with its smooth, amber colored brandy. On the nose one can expect rich and expressive aromatic tones of spice and bitter orange. Fresh notes of nutmeg, black licorice and sweet peppermint all combined for an invigorating flavor. Powerful on the palate with the familiar elegant Hennessy flavors. A persistent finish with the spicy density and hints of saffron.

The Uniqueness

Unlike any other collectible liquor, the Hennessy 250 bottle is made from hand-cut crystals that increase its value. Only 250 barrels of the cognac have been produced, which comes out to be about a few thousand bottles. To enjoy this cognac at its best, sip neat at room temperature.

Own a piece of history with Hennessy 250 Collector’s Blend. We encourage you to reserve here on our website. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this iconic blend.

Take the Oath

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Blood Oath

Blood Oath Bourbon. No this isn’t some kind of crazy cult, rather its Kentucky’s finest straight bourbon. This luxury spirit is sure to take your taste buds to the next level.

The Pact

Rare and wonderful. Famous and forgotten. Blood Oath is absolutely one of a kind. We aren’t kidding. This version of the bourbon will be a one-time release only. The next ‘Pact’ will be a different recipe and flavor. This specific edition is a special blend of three hand-selected top-notch certified Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, which include a 7 year rye, 6 year old wheat and a 12 year rye based bourbon. The total blend age ranges from 6-12 years. Each is blended by hand and bottled at 98.6 proof. And in case you didn’t know, Blood Oath comes from the Luxco brand out of St. Louis, Missouri, which is also responsible for famous Rebel Yell and Ezra Brooks.

The Flavor

An exquisite nose full of cream soda, vanilla and green apple aromas. The first sip is creamy with a kick of rye spice and hint of fresh mint. Notes of cinnamon and pepper are also present on the palate. The finish is sweet on your tongue with a bit of spice. Overall a very solid flavor and great bourbon.


What’s the best way to enjoy Blood Oath? Sip it neat with a splash of water. Or if you prefer, on the rocks is also a delightful treat.

What are you waiting for? Take the oath. Blood Oath is a limited supply bourbon. Reserve a bottle today via the Contact Us page here on our website.

Fine Cognac By Law

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This just in at Payless Liquors! This week we welcomed a great-value to our shelves. Hardy VS Fine Cognac- Red Corner is a creamy blend made with spirit aged in Limosouin oak for 5 years.

Aging Requirements

Did you know that a spirit must meet a required minimum of 2 years to be recognized as a cognac by law? Hardvy VS meets those requirement with an added 3 years, just to make sure. Some would even consider it to be extremely “youthful”, hence the short aging process.

History of Hardy

Hardy Cognac has a rich history that dates back to 1863. They are well known for their hardy-vs-fine-cognac-red-corner-cognacquality cognacs as well as traditional production methods. Each bottle can be recognized by the familiar rooster logo and the evident traditional recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Cognac Characteristics & Flavors

Each bottle is an elegant pale color with golden reflections. The nose has a sweet honeyed aroma with hints of plum, creamy caramel and mixed nuts. On the palate, Hardy VS is very smooth with tones of toasted oak and dark fruit flavors. The harmonious blend of cognacs from the best regions around the world, also offers a balanced freshness and floral notes. The finish is long with a slight floral exit.

Reserve Now

At just $19.99 a bottle, Hardy VS Fine Cognac won’t last on our shelves for very long. We encourage you to reserve a bottle here on our website today.


XXV Years Worth of Flavor

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The Glenlivet XXV pays perfect homage to the skill and craftsmanship of those involved in making this premium spirit. The 25 year old Speyside single malt Scotch whisky is a must for all coinsurers.

Olorosco Cask

The secret to XXV’s depth of flavor and smooth sweetness is the influence of the Olorosco Sherry cask aging. With just a couple of years of being finished in the sherry casks, XXV is provided with a flavor unlike any other whisky products sold on the market.

Range of Flavor

The Glenvitt XXV translates layers of nut, spice and woody flavors with a thick and rich floral nose. Light and fruity traditional flavors are also emulated with the familiar Glenvitt flavor. Tasting notes also include ripe raisins, sugary honey and heather. The balanced acidity if achieved with big flavors of morello cherry, dried herb and cooked apple. The sweetness of the Scotch can even be compared to toasted raisin bread glazed with butter. The finish is long and fragrant with a punch of winter spice.

Special Delivery

And The Glenvitt didn’t stop with the premium flavors of XXV. Each bottle comes in a signed wooden box that has been numbered. The bottle has been reinforced with The Glenvitt XXVlimestone and brushed steel. The fantastic packaging completes the overall rich characteristic the spirit.

Purchase Today

If you are a whisky enthusiast don’t miss out on The Glenvitt XXV. Purchase in Payless Liquors stores or reserve a bottle here on our website.

DoubleWood 17yr

With Age Comes Whisky Wisdom

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David Stewart celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie with his release of DoubleWood 17. The Single Malt Scotch Whisky embraces his most cherished achievement, consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process referred to as ‘cask finishing’.

Extra 5 Years

You may be familiar with the wildly popular 12 year-old DoubleWood. The key difference between the Balvenie 12yr and 17yr is the maturation process. The longer aging process sets the tone for distinctly different deep vanilla, green apple and toffee tones. It also provides a richer and more complex flavor. First all DoubleWood whisky matured in American oak barrels that impart sweet vanilla tones. Then with an extra five years in ex-bourbon oak casks followed by a short stint in ex-sherry European oak, the 17yr offers a perfect balance of fruit, oak and malt. Rich notes of spice also add depth to the overall fullness of flavor.

Expressions of DoubleWood

A rich and smooth expression of cinnamon, fresh baking spices and butterscotch. Elegant aromas of oak, honey and sour green apple. The taste is characterized by honeysuckle, warm almonds and vanilla. Notes of roasted toffee and rich oak are also layered throughout the flavor. The finish is long with a combination of vanilla and honey sweetness. A perfect ending to a nice and rich Scotch whisky.

Purchase Today

Of you are a fan The Balvenie 12yr, 17yr is a must-buy. Purchase at a Payless Liquors store near you, or reserve a bottle here on our website.


Nikka Grain Whisky

New Japanese Whisky: Nikka Coffey Still Grain

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Japanese Whisky has been quite the talk of the town lately among coinsurers. In case you aren’t familiar with this varietal, it’s similar to a Scotch whisky rather than Irish, American and Canadian styles. This week at Payless Liquors we welcomed a new whisky to the collection, Nikka Coffey Still Japanese Grain.

Grain Whisky

When sipping on Nikka Coffey you’ll notice it’s a blend of single malt and grain whiskies. What exactly does a blend mean, you may ask? Blend refers mixing two different types, rather than from two different distilleries. In our opinion, grain whisky is one of the least understood components of the industry. It’s made from corn, wheat and unmalted barely and brings out the more expressive flavors of Nikka.

The Nikka Company operates on two Coffey stills inside their distillery. The stills were imported from Scotland in 1963 to coincide with their elaborate blended whisky recipe. Each still holds more depth of flavor than any of the modern day ones used by other distilleries today.

Tasting Notes

A light caramel color with a strong aroma of vanilla and pepper on the nose. It has a soft, yet supple flavor on the palate. Notes of caramel, melon, candied nuts and sweet butterscotch fill your mouth. It can be described as almost exotic and fruity in nature. The finish packs some heat but has a lingering sweet cream flavor.

How to Enjoy

We recommend pairing Nikka Grain a couple different ways. It will go great in a whisky soda, which is whiskey, club soda and garnished with lemon. Or if you wish to go the sweeter cocktail route, we recommend a classic whisky sour made with whisky, sour mix, crushed ice and maraschino cherries.

Purchase Today

Because of its exceptional taste and several acclamations, we have deemed it worthy of our Closet Collection. Nikka Coffey Japanese Grain is available to purchase at Payless Liquors stores or you can reserve for pick up on website.

The Forgotten Tequila: Extra Añejo 7 Años Patrón

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Patrón Anejo 7 Anos

Ever put on a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a couple years, only to discover a $20 bill? Recently Patrón Tequila had that same thing happen to them, only they discovered tequila they had forgotten about, tucked away in a corner of their barrel-aging room.

An Exclusive Rarity

Introducing Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años. Distillers first checked on the group of casks after around 8 months of aging, but it wasn’t what they wanted. By the next time they discovered them, 7 years had passed. Master Distiller, Francisco Alcaraz announced the brand’s first limited release as “a happy accident of again, temperature, wood and where the barrels were placed.” Very different from all their other offerings, Añejo 7 Años is a limited quantity product with less than 700 cases released in March.

How It’s Made

Añejo 7 Años is a blend of tequilas produced two separate ways. The type of tequila is the traditional tahona. It’s made by crushing agave by with stone wheel and the juices are then absorbed into a fiber. The fiber is then part of the fermentation process. The second method Patron uses is where a roller squeezes the juice out from the fruit and then it’s separated immediately from the fiber. After that process is complete between the two methods, each product is then aged separately in pine wood barrels and then double distilled in copper pots custom designed by Alcaraz. Then the two come together in French oak. The twist is in the French oak. Usually the tequila is aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

The Taste

The limited edition tequila comes in a replica of the very first hard blown glass Patrón bottle to commemorate its exclusivity. Añejo 7 Años is a dark golden hue with pronounced woody and black pepper aroma. A smooth taste with notes of fruits, mandarin and light caramel. It isn’t necessarily sweet, but it has more of a honey taste. It’s delightfully full-bodied with hints of spice and bittersweet dark chocolate. Unlike most tequilas, it is less aggressive upfront, but rather it has a more powerful backend. An overall great product to represent the Patrón brand.

Own a piece of tequila history is the purchase of Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años at Payless Liquors. To ensure you get your hands on a bottle, please reserve here.


Two Kentucky Classics Meet at the Derby

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It’s almost that time of year again! What time you ask? Think women with big hats, men in pastel colored shorts and course, mint juleps. We’re talking about the Kentucky Derby! And this year everyone will be drinking the ready-to-serve Old Forester Mint Julep.

Recently, Old Forester Mint Julep has been named the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. This is the first time the brand has held this honor. It just might have to do with all the recent buzz around Old Forester within the bourbon bubble. Its rising popularity has led to new special edition bottles, several acclamations and a plan in the works to build a distillery in the heart of Louisville — a project that will cost $30 million.

Old Forester Brand Manager Therese McGuire says, “Old Forester was a natural fit for the Official Drink status. It’s a bourbon brand with as rich of a history as the Kentucky Derby and has such strong ties to Louisville.” The drink will be sold at Churchhill Downs and in retail in 36 markets across the U.S., including Payless Liquors here in Indianapolis.

So we are all familiar with ready-to-serve cocktails like Margaritas, Daiquiris and Bloody’s Marys, but not too much with a Mint Julep. Old Forester’s blend is a 60-proof premade cocktail that uses Old Forester Straight Bourbon Whisky. The nose has a superb blend of classic Old Forester bourbon with the traditional fresh garden mint. The taste is a winning combination of both the refreshing mint flavors, sweet sugar and rich bourbon. A smooth finish with lingering crisp mint.

For generations Kentucky Derby goers have enjoyed this classic drink and now it’s available to you in a ready-to-serve form. It’s almost ironic that Old Forester was first introduced in 1870, while the Kentucky Derby marks their first event in 1875. Sounds like these two Kentucky traditions have finally come together, officially that is.

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby the only way with Old Forester Mint Julep. It’s now available for purchase in Payless Liquors stores or you can reservation a bottle here on our website.

Dom Pérignon P2: A Timeless Change

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Dom Pérignon has established themselves as one of the most well-known luxurious champagne brands in the world. The bottle, the taste, the color, everything is extremely iconic.

The Second Pléntitude

Enter Dom Pérignon P2.The Second Pléntitude offers the renowned champagne in a sleek and sexy update. The process of developing the change was extremely hush-hush and only a few journalist and retailers were initially let in on the secret.

“The Ultimate Champagne” is an energetic and different expression of the classic Dom Pérignon Vintage. P2 is all about magnetic energy and is symbolic of Iceland’s glaciers and minimalistic landscape. It’s a product of time and dedication. The highly acclimated champagne 1998 vintage brut wine was given a score 98 by Wine Spectator Magazine. The magazine recognized P2’s “mouthwatering and persistent” flavors. It’s among the post priced, yet most popular wines sold from the region.

Tasting Notes

An intense, full bouquet with sweet notes of honeysuckle, citrus and hints of toasted almond. It has a major focus on the dark, salty and mineral flavors. On the palate, the vintage is characterized by an edgy, yet embracing aroma. The layers of ripe blackberry and dried apricot are graced with exotic spice. The finish is smoky and continues with energetic tones for an all-out balanced taste.

How to Enjoy

Purchase P2 to celebrate an anniversary, promotion or even the purchase of a new home. Age to save for the perfect occasion or serve right away, chilled.

The Dom Pérignon P2 will be featured in our new Charlie’s Pick Collection, which will feature the finest products at Payless Liquors. You can purchase this product in select stores or reserve a bottle here on our website.


Old Forester Goes Back To It’s Roots

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In 1870, Old Forester’s founder George Garvin Brown changed the industry by producing a combination of bourbons from three different distilleries to create an incredibly balanced product. Prior to Brown’s discovery, bourbon was only sold by the barrel with caused the quality and taste profile to vary. Old Forester 1870 Original Batch celebrates the innovative technique of its founder in a 90-proof bourbon.

The Original Batch
The combination of 1870 includes three different barrels from three different warehouses with a different day of production, as well as a different proof and maturation. This process of “batching” bourbon gives the product a more consistent and pleasant flavor for the ideal product. The Orignal Batch is meant to echo the original batching process started by Brown in 1870.

Flavor Profile
The nose is very bright and vivid with fruit and floral scents. Vanilla and caramel notes provide a sweet base. On the palate mimics it’s aroma with the continued light, lively floral and fruity flavors. The sweet vanilla and oak make the bourbon an easy drink to enjoy. You may also sense a kick of baking spice, ginger and cinnamon. Finally, 1870 finishes with a candy-like character full of nutmeg, cinnamon and cinnamon flavors. There is also an added oak note that can be tasted throughout the long and smooth finish.

We recommend enjoying Old Forester 1879 Original Batch neat alongside your favorite family comfort food dish. 1870 should be enjoyed alongside family and friends, while reminiscing on old stories from the past. Again, it’s an easy bourbon to relish.

Now Available

Old Forester 1870 is now available at Payless Liquors. You can purchase in stores or reserve a bottle online. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind bourbon!

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