Hidden Whiskey Gems at Payless

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You know that feeling you get when you find $20 in your pants pocket? Well, that same feeling is the one we get when we find one of our hidden-gem items tucked away in one of our many closets. This week we are featuring two hidden whiskey products: Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration and a 17-year Balvenie Doublewood.

Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration

From the Castle Brands’ whiskey brand, Jefferson’s is a collaboration whiskey with Top Chef alum, Edward Lee. Lee and Jefferson’s Master Blender, Trey Zoeller, set out to make the perfect whiskey that would pair with any hearty meal. After nine months of developing their collaboration, the men still couldn’t find the right taste. It was then that they decided to try a bourbon/rye blend.

Bottled at 92 proof, Jefferson’s Chef uses whiskey that is 14 years old. The nose is very nice and light, yet at the same time has hints of explosive rye. The marriage of very rare barrels of bourbon and rye gives the whiskey a harmonious blend of smoke and spice flavors. Notes of oak, cherry and cinnamon are also present. The finish is fairly long and fruity, but mellow.

We recommend a glass of straight Jefferson’s Chef to pair alongside tonight’s dinner. Chef Lee also includes various couplings in his cookbook, Smoke and Pickles. This exclusive collaboration is an extremely small batch that was offered at limited supply.

Balvenie (17 year) Doublewood

After their wildly popular 12-year-old Doublewood, Balvenie decided to let it mature for an additional five years in their traditional ex-bourbon oak casks. The result was the 17-year Doublewood, which was also matured in an ex-sherry European oak. The sherry-oak gives it a perfect balance of oak, malt and fruit. This extra aging adds a subtle elegance to Doublewood.

The nose emulates flavors of juicy black cherry, honey, apple cider and light floral. It is certainly pleasing to the nose with the many layers of fruit and airy malt. The flavor is medium-bodied with notes of tart apple, cherries, sherbet spice, toasted almonds creamy toffee and deep vanilla. On the finish, it is slightly short, but very nice with sweet-honey and hints of vanilla. Doublewood leaves a lasting impression of elegance and finesse.

When first produced, the 17-year-old edition was produced in small batches and went quickly. We recommend purchasing it now to save for the holiday season. Don’t miss out on your chance to indulge in a fantastic single malt whisky.

Just like that $20 bill in your pocket, these products are bound to go fast. Reserve the Jefferson’s Chef or Balvenie Doublewood today through our Payless Liquors reservation page.

Find Your New Brew in August

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Find A Brew Tastings are great for trying new products and finding a new favorite brew. This August our Find A Brew tastings have been all about gearing up for the fall season with beers that have an autumn feel. Below are a few of the seasonal beers we will be tasting this month.

Redd’s Wicked Ale

Redd’s has rolled out a twist on the classic Apple Ale with a bolder flavor that is still refreshing. Wicked Ale is crisp like an apple, yet it stays true to its golden ale roots. The taste is similar to the apple ale with low malt and hints of bitterness. It has a crisp finish that is sure to please anyone who is looking to branch out and try something new.

Blue Moon Belgium White Ale

Belgium White Ale is brewed with oats to produce a creamy and spiced flavor. This beer is the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander. It has a smooth taste, which is uncommon for a Belgian style. White Ale is a hazy yellow color with a small white head. The aroma is very citrusy with flavors of orange and lemon. You will also find it has a sweet taste. We recommend garnishing your Belgium White with an orange slice for some added zest!

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Harvest Pumpkin Ale was the first autumn seasonal brew crafted by Blue Moon back in 1995. It is made with pumpkin and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice that represent all the tastes of fall. Unlike other pumpkin ales, it’s a perfect balance of pumpkin and spices for a very smooth, pleasant taste. Not only is Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale great for drinking, but it is also great for baking. Check out this delicious recipe for Harvest Pumpkin Ale cupcakes.

Leinenkugel’s Hoppin Hellis

Made with the citrus hops Citra, Simcoe, Cluster, Centennial and Chinook, Hoppin Helles is a truly refreshing brew. The taste is a great combination of light, sweet malt with hoppy notes and infused crisp fruit. It finishes a bit bitter with a mild, citrus hop flavor. The lightness of the beer pays homage to its roots with helles meaning light-colored in German.

Would you like to try out these beers for yourself? Be sure to come out to one of the three Find A Brew tastings this month at the following times and Payless Store locations:

August 22: Greenwood Mall 4-8 pm
August 29: 9520 Uptown Dr. 4-8 pm
August 30: 726 Adams St. 3-7 pm

See you there!

Green Spot Irish Whiskey Makes its Way to the U.S.

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For the first time ever, Green Spot Irish whiskey is now available in the U.S.! And this sought-after Irish whiskey has not only made it to the United States, but it has also made its way to your nearest Payless Liquor Store location here in Indianapolis.

Green Spot is one of the rarest and finest whiskies in the world today. In fact, it’s so rare that the Midleton distillery in Dublin only produces 500 cases each year. Its rarity is contributed to by the fact that it’s one of the few single pot still whiskey brands to be produced today.

Single pot still whiskey is a term that refers to the style of whiskey. It is comprised of a mixture of malted and unmalted barley, which is triple distilled in traditional Irish copper pot stills. As one of Ireland’s oldest spirits, Green Spot can trace its roots back nearly 12 decades, to the 20th century. Back then, it was even harder to come by, because only 12,000 bottles were produced each year.

As a single pot still, this Irish whiskey is very complex in its main characteristics. A honey flavor offsets its innate spiciness. Green Spot is a light amber color, which comes from it being aged in sherry and ex-bourbon barrels.

The Nose

The nose has hints of peppermint, malt and sweet barley. Flavors of sugary porridge, creamy vanilla and citrus are also present. Some tasters even recall a dusty aroma in Green Spot, which is attributed to the sherry cask aging.

The Body and Palate

On the palate, one can taste a combination of gentle bourbon oak, green wood, menthol and potpourri. Green Spot has a balanced spicy, yet soft, flavor. It has a very pleasant and light body.

The Finish

Finally, Green Spot finishes long and creamy. Punches of vanilla, warm fruit and hazelnut are also present in the finish. It is known to leave one craving more.

Since Green Spot is so hard to come by, especially here in the U.S., it’s perfect for the whiskey collector, or really just anyone who enjoys an authentic Irish whiskey. This whiskey has received several acclamations and some even say it’s the best Irish whiskey they’ve ever had!

Don’t miss out on your chance to have a piece of Irish whiskey history. It’s available in Payless Liquor Stores now for $59.99, but to ensure you get your hands on this iconic whiskey, we recommend reserving a bottle through our website here.

See what the talk is all about!

The August Beer Round-Up

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This August, Payless Liquors has three great beers that are sure to please your palette. These three beers are all about collaborations between different breweries in an effort to produce the ultimate brew.

Stone/Heretic/Beachwood Unapologetic IPA

This beer is a collaboration between three big hopheads: Stone, Beachwood BBQ and Heretic Brewing. Unapologetic IPA is a big, fruity DIPA. It pays homage to its Cali roots with a big, bitter taste. The hop varieties cultivated in the brew provide pine and citrus aromas along with peach, orange and coconut flavors. The Belma hops also bring out berry and black currant notes. We recommend enjoying Unapologetic as soon as you purchase it, so you can experience the newly cultivated hops and all their glory. We have a limited supply available in 22 oz bottles for $9.99.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America

Beer Camp has been creating quite a buzz among craft beer enthusiasts this summer. In fact, it received a 100-point score from none other than Beer Advocate. Sierra Nevada’s variety pack contains 12 different beers from 12 different breweries across the U.S. Some notable participants include: Cigar City, Russian River, Bell’s Victory, Firestone Walker and 3 Floyds. The pack is meant to be a celebration of craft beers with a 7-city traveling beer festival worked into the promotion of the exclusive release. The festival tour concluded on August 3rd and featured several craft brewers from each area visited. We have the Beer Camp package in very limited quantity for $25.99, which includes 10 bottles and 2 cans.

Sierra Nevada West Coast DIPA

West Coast DIPA was an invite sent out across America for the Beer Camp Across America Festivals. Although the invite is no longer valid, you can still purchase it at your local Payless Liquors store. This new DIPA is a citrusy, yet bitter, with five different hops. If you are a Sierra Nevada fan, you will be happy to know two of the hops being used in “Hop Torpedo” are included in West Coast. The intense of flavors of citrus and pine are present, with an incredibly smooth taste. Hints of grapefruit and floral notes, with an orange blossom flow throughout the brew. It also has a nice, dry malty finish. You can find the 22 oz cans in stores for $5.99.

To insure you snag one of these extremely popular collaboration brews, be sure to submit a request via our website.

What beers are you enjoying this August? Let us know in the comments below!

Buffalo Trace: The Latest Experiment in Bourbon

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In Frankfort, Kentucky there lies Buffalo Trace Distillery. A laboratory, if you will, where an experiment with bourbon is taking place. “Scientists” at Buffalo Trace are conducting a test to see if the altitude in which a bourbon is aged affects the flavor.

What they are calling the Warehouse Floors Experiment was started in 2001 in the distillery’s Warehouse K. What they did was place Buffalo Trace’s Rye Mash recipe #1 bourbon into barrels and then aged different ones on floors one, five and nine of the warehouse. Warehouse K is home to nine wooden floors, each providing a different taste during the aging process. Why that is is due to the varying temperatures that exist on the higher floors (mind you, heat rises). This environment made it the perfect location for the trial. The barrels were then aged for 11 years and 9 months.

So what were the results of this experiment? Well, allow us to present to you The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection: Bourbon-Rye Mashbill 125, Bourbon-Rye Mashbill 115, Bourbon-Rye Mashbill 105 and Bourbon-Rye Mashbill 90.

  • Mashbill 125: At 125 proof, this is the highest of the collection. It’s a well-balanced bourdon with notes of vanilla, spicy cloves, caramel and toffee. The flavor is complex, yet well rounded.
  • Mashbill 115: Exhibiting a light oaky flavor, blended with palm sugar and leather, it is bottled at 115 proof.
  • Mashbill 105: This batch is bottled at 105 proof and has overall earthy tones followed with a buttery, light finish.
  • Mashbill 90: Part of the original Warehouse K experiment, Mashbill 90 has a light fruity flavor that is followed by hints of nuts and spice and ends on a dry note.

Buffalo Trace Distillery discovered their hypothesis to be true. Altitude does in fact affect the over flavor of bourbon! The varying levels of the barrels brought out distinctly different flavors of the bourbon. Barrels on the first floor yielded a delicate, sweet flavor with a mild oak taste. Fifth floor barrels resulted in bourbon with a sweet vanilla, caramel and light wood flavor. Those barrels aged on the ninth floor exuded a roasted nut sweetness paired with green pears, figs and a deep aroma. In simpler terms, the highest floors had deeper woody notes, while those barrels on the lower floors are light and sweet.

Pleased by their findings, Buffalo Trace Distillery has expanded their experimental program to an entire micro distillery called, The Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. “OFC” Mirco Distillery. The Colonel is complete with cookers, fermenting tanks and a state-of-the- art micro still, which all has been constructed within Buffalo Trace.

At Payless Liquors we are offering these limited release products in 3 bottle sets. Buffalo Trace Experimental packages are limited, in fact we only have 4 sets left! Reserve your bottles today on our website.

No Whiskey Left Behind

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Imagine a world where leftover whiskey, hidden in the back of distilleries and rick houses, is magically bottled and sold in your local Payless Liquors store. Well, that world is now a reality, with the help of The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company out of Tullahoma, Tennessee. Orphan Barrel’s goal is to make the stories of lost whiskeys a thing of the past, and offer those rare bottles into small offerings for the world to taste.

Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company has turned lost whiskey into an incredible business venture. Not only do they produce a great product, but the story behind the bottles makes them even easier to sell. People enjoy the mysticism behind each sip of whiskey from one of Orphan Barrel’s bottles. There has got to be something said for the innovativeness that has been created with each product. Currently, Orphan Barrel is offering three whiskeys: Rhetoric, Old Blowhard and Barterhouse.


This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has matured for 20 years in old vanilla oak barrels. The 90 proof bottle is full of character and flavor. Its profile can be described as firm in spices, dried fruit and caramel, while finishing full of cherry blossom, bitter chocolate and a hint of tobacco. Look forward to tasting the evolution of Rhetoric, as Orphan Barrel will be releasing a new matured bottle for the next six years as an experiment on barrel maturation.

Old Blowhard

For 26 years, this whiskey has been waiting to be enjoyed. Old Blowhard is rich with undertones of smoke and honey. Considered one of the most intense of the three Orphan Barrel releases, there is a robust flavor of tobacco, caramel and sweet maple syrup. The finish is gentle, but dry with hints of spice and orange peel. We recommend sipping Old Blowhard slowly and enjoy the many tastes it encompasses.


Last but not least is a whiskey that has tasting notes of warm biscuits and buttercream. How delicious! It has been aged for 20 years and has a smooth creamy taste. The finish is sweet with brown sugar and a bit of spice. Enjoy Barterhouse for any occasion.

Currently at Payless Liquors we carry all three of the Orphan Barrel releases, but in limited quantities. So be sure to get your hands on a bottle. Keep in mind these are hidden whiskeys, “and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”

What do you think of this concept of uncovering hidden whiskey gems? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

It’s All in the Grapes

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Are you looking for a new wine to enjoy with friends and family? This week we will be featuring a new wine in our stores that would be perfect for any occasion. Although the name translates to Champs Elysees in French, Campo Eliseo comes from a highly respected region of Spain—rather than the famous avenue in Paris.

Campo Eliseo comes from Toro, which is a wine region in Castilla y Leon located in northwestern Spain. Castilla y Leon is known for producing some of the world’s most powerful red wines. Toro, meaning “bull” in Spanish, is a fitting symbol for the robust red wines of Campo Eliseo. And the name is actually meant to pay homage to those brave and virtuous men of Greek mythology.

A partnership between winemaker Michel Rolland and his wife and wine innovator François Lurton was formed to produce the Campo Eliseo wines. When forming their collaboration, both parties agreed that Spain would be best location for the vineyard, because of its great potential. The team is part of a coalition, headed by Diageo Chateau & Estates to seek out the best wines from some of the most important wine regions throughout the world.

To insure perfection, the Rollands and Lurton hand-selected five Spanish winemakers to develop their product. All of the wines are 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) and belong to Spain’s luxury tier. The tempranillo grapes used to make the wine are some of Spain’s most famous native fruit. They are vibrant, aromatic and offer a spicy, red savor. The grapes come from 50- to 75-year-old vines. Rigorous soil-cultivation work on the vineyard is done to insure favorable product.

The wine we are featuring this week is the 2008 Campo Eliseo. The 2008 bottle has been aged for 16 months in French oak casks. A bright ruby-red color, it embodies a generous open bouquet of dark cherry, raspberry and thyme. Hints of plum, coffee and blackberry add to the overall rich, yet balanced taste. Campo blooms brightly on the finishes with a touch of spice. Right now it’s delicious, but age won’t do any harm to this timeless red wine.

The 2008 Campo Eliseo red wine is one of notable mentions. The Wine Spectator awarded it 94 points, which is a great compliment.

Embrace you inner matador with this delectable red wine. Campo Eliseo can be enjoyed by wine lovers who appreciate top-quality Spanish wines. Stop by one of our 22 locations and pick up a bottle or reserve one with us online.

Hot IPAs for Summer

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Summer craft beers are quite the talk of the town this time of year. They are becoming more and more popular, especially within the local Indianapolis beer circle. We are thrilled to announce that this season at Payless Liquors, we are offering a majority of the hottest craft-beer products out there! Here are a few of the big IPAs we recommend you enjoy this summer.

Stone RuinTen IPA

First released in 2012 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Stone Brewing’s Ruination DIPA, RuinTen has now become a yearly release. Brewed with five pounds of hops per barrel, the process adds a heavier malt bill, balance and alcoholic depth. The dry-hopping of the brew has also doubled, with a large amount of Citra and Centennial hops. RuinTen is guaranteed to please your palate with a mixture of aromatic and resinous hoppiness. With 10.8% ABV you can buy these 22 oz. bottles for $8.99.

Founders Double Trouble 

With a 100 overall rating by RateBeer.com there is no reason not to try this IPA! Founders Double Trouble Imperial pays homage to summer with fruity and piney aromatic hop notes. The pungent scents of juicy apricot and peach flourish. Bread and caramel malt flavors also hit your tongue at first sip. This brew is meant to turn your world upside down—note the logo. Crisp and bitter, enjoy Double Trouble during these summer months. We have it available 9.4% ABV $12.99 4NR.

Sun King Grapefruit Jungle

Last, but not least, an IPA that has certainly created a buzz around the Indianapolis area: Grapefruit Jungle was the first beer by Sun King to sell out in a matter of days. The brew is a tribute to the 1955 film, Blackboard Jungle, starring Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier. Grapefruit Jungle focuses on the citrusy high alpha hops. Flavors of grapefruit, orange and tangerine run wildly through the brew. Bursting with hop flavor and aroma, Grapefruit Jungle is any hop lover’s dream! It’s fantastic beers like this one that has allowed Sun King to become one of the best breweries in Indiana. We caution you that this product is going fast, so get it while you can! Get it for $18.99 4NR 7.5% ABV 77 IBUs.

Do summer right this year and be sure to pick up at least one of these popular seasonal, craft beers at Payless Liquors.

What is your favorite summer beer? Tell us in the comments below!

Organic Whiskey that Celebrates the Past and Embraces Change

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There’s something to be said for the small craft distilleries out there who take pride in producing some of the boutique, non-Kentucky bourbons on the market. One that comes to our mind is Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Their journey to make a hand-crafted, organic whiskey is one about restoring tradition while celebrating change. From the building where it’s crafted to the bottle it comes in, Journeyman Whiskey is one that remains true to its roots. They are certainly a front runner in the growing organic spirits industry today. Here is a brief introduction of the story behind the Journeyman Distillery:

Journeyman’s originator, Bill Welter, had special requirements when it came to finding the location for the distillery. Luckily, they found the perfect spot. Originally a factory for buggy whips and corsets, the building had a history of its own. E.K. Warren, the former factory owner, was ironically a prohibitionist whose claim to fame was making women’s corsets out of turkey feathers instead of whalebone. The maple hardwood floors are the same ones that were there in the 1800s. The concrete bar made in Grand Rapids has the coordinates etched in the side, thus making its mark on the historic location. The Journeyman Distillery truly evokes a distinct ambiance for visitors to enjoy.

The Journeyman bottle also pays homage to the brand’s authenticity and tradition. Simple, yet classic, the shape of the Journeyman bottle looks similar to those of 1800s. The label design is original artwork and the head is hand-sealed with wax.

Meanwhile, Silver Cross, Buggy Whip Wheat and Featherbone are all flavors that play into the rich history behind the old factory:

  • Silver Cross Whiskey is an explosion of four-grain flavor. It’s a 90 proof spirit that we recommend for mixing into cocktails; or let it shine on its own, with a couple drops of water. Silver Cross is unlike any whiskey you have had before with a sweet, luscious caramel essence and a hint of spicy red pepper.
  • Buggy Whip Wheat is appropriately coined after one of the products that was manufactured in the distillery in the 1800s. Bottled at 90 proof, it has a powerful grainy aroma with a sweet undertone. The taste of the whiskey has a bit of caramel, earthy leather and nutty flavor. We recommend Buggy Whip on the rocks for a sweet, light taste.
  • Featherbone Bourbon is another name that celebrates the history of Warren’s featherbone corsets. This bourbon is made from 70% corn, 20% wheat and small amounts of rye and barley. The aroma is an inviting, fresh corn smell, with hints of vanilla. At first sip you will notice a strong oak taste with spices, grains and leather.
Barrel racks are displayed to show visitors the process of making the spirits. 


If you get the urge for a road trip, we strongly recommend a visit to the Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan in order to experience its great heritage firsthand. Meanwhile, right now at Payless Liquors we have barrels of each—the Silver Cross Whiskey, Buggy Whip Wheat, and Featherbone Bourbon. But they are on limited supply! Reserve your bottle today and embrace the richness of Journeyman’s voyage.

For more information on Journeyman’s Distillery, their story and products be sure to visit their website.

Whiskey that Embraces Your Ambitions

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The story behind Glendfiddich Cask of Dreams is unlike any story you’ve heard before. It’s one of taking chances and fulfilling your dreams. We invite you to take a seat as we tell the story of how this timeless whiskey has set out to inspire people around the world.

In 1886 William Grant abandoned his career and set out on an adventure. His vision was to produce the “best dram in the valley.” At 46 years old, he enlisted the help of his nine children and set out to build his whiskey distillery stone by stone. On Christmas Day in 1887, that first barrel of Glenfiddich Spirit symbolized Grant’s ambition to accomplish his greatest dream. He overcame adversity and took the first steps in his journey to give the world one of the best single malt whiskies.

Now, well over a century later, we honor the inspiring story of William Grant. In 2012, Glenfiddich encouraged fans to share their hopes and dreams on their website. Each month, two people were selected to have their name and submissions printed on a very special edition to be called, “Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams.”

Meanwhile, across the United States, Glenfiddich representatives took 11 new, unused oak casks and set them in the middle of 11 cities. They invited locals to sign the casks with their names and dreams into the wooden barrels. The casks were then sent to the Highlands of Scotland to be put into new casks for finishing. The new oak ages spirits fast, and after just three months, the “Casks of Dreams” were bottled and ready to be distributed.

Today, Glenfiddich has released a limited release bottle to feature more names of whiskey lovers and their dreams. These bottles are to acknowledge the pioneering spirit of Glenfiddich and to continue to help people aspire to reach their goals.

This intriguing whiskey is light in body and inviting. Vanilla and toffee give it a taste to be desired. Also slightly fruity, hints of golden raisin, dried apricot and juicy apple are present. The explosion of these flavors indulges your senses and finishes with a spicy zest. We recommend drinking Cask of Dreams on the rocks for a smooth, delicate taste, or consume it straight with a splash of water to enhance the natural flavor.

Cask of Dream is a limited edition bottle and is highly sought after by those in the whiskey collecting community. Don’t miss your chance to honor the great dreamer, William Grant. Reserve your bottle at Payless Liquors. Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams is a great reminder to embrace your ambitions and to always be dreaming.

Horny Goat Brewing Company Takes on Summer Classics

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Summer is here! And there isn’t a better time to develop your craft beer senses. I can’t imagine anything more relaxing than laying poolside with a cold one in my hand.

There are numerous colors, tastes shapes and sizes of craft beer, so let us be your insight into the industry. Here at Payless Liquors we have two great Horny Goat beers that are a MUST TRY for the summer season.

Horny Goat Watermelon Wheat

The first one is Horny Goat Watermelon Wheat, an American wheat beer with real watermelon juice added during fermentation. This is essential for any seasonal beer enthusiast. At first pour, the Watermelon Wheat is a hazy gold color with a frothy white foam. The sugars from the juice are converted into alcohol resulting in a crisper, dry take on a fruit beer – it is light and refreshing with subtle watermelon in the finish. Don’t let the watermelon name scare you—the taste is subtle enough to not overwhelm the appetizing sweet beer. The delicious taste is a must try for those who enjoy a sweet alcoholic beverage. Horny Goat Watermelon is 5.6% ABV and at Payless, we have a 6 pack of 12 oz. cans for $8.99 available!

Horny Goat Laka Laka Pineapple Hefewiezen

Let us take you to the nearest tropical island, because next up is Horny Goat Laka Laka Pineapple Hefewiezen. This craft beer is a unique take on a traditional German style wheat beer or Hefewiezen, with pineapple juice added after fermentation. This process adds a sweet, tropical fruit flavor to an otherwise dry style. Esters from the German yeast strain add aromas of banana and clove that pair nicely with the pineapple. This makes for a very refreshing brew. The beer goes down smooth which is just what you need this summer. The Laka Laka Pineapple Hefewiezen is 5,1% ABV. We have 6 packs of 12oz. cans for $8.99!

What’s even better about these beers is that they are now available in cans. This makes traveling easier without worrying about breaking the usual glass bottles. The aluminum cans are perfect to throw in the cooler and chill for later!

If you would love to be on a beach somewhere with a cold one, I suggest you check out our newest Horny Goat fruity flavors this summer at all Payless Liquors locations. We can provide you with the beer, but unfortunately not the beach.

If you have a favorite summer seasonal beer that you enjoy this time of year, let us know in the comments below!

Father’s Day Gifts Dad Won’t Hide in his Closet

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Want to get dad something he really wants for Father’s Day this year? Hint: It’s not a tie. We all have difficulty finding dad something he wants for Father’s Day without falling into cliché gift ideas. But this year, Payless Liquors has you in mind.

We’ll be offering three special editions of Jack Daniel’s this month:

  • Sinatra Select
  • Rested Tennessee Rye
  • Old #7 Black Label 86 Proof.

These rare Jack Daniel’s products will make perfect gifts for your dad this year!

Fly Me to the Moon

Our first Jack Daniel’s special edition celebrates one of the world’s biggest whiskey fans, none other than Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes could always be seen sippin’ on a glass of Jack. Some would even consider Jack Daniel’s to be his best friend. The sultry amber color of Sinatra Select resembles the familiar Old #7. Sinatra Select is bottled at 45% stronger and has been aged in Sinatra barrels. These barrels are grooved, which allows more an interaction between the wood and spirits. This also allows a deeper and more intense flavor for the whiskey. Sinatra Select then finishes with an incredibly smooth, vanilla taste. Dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you pick out this limited edition Jack Daniel’s bottle for him. Reserve a bottle today for $179.99.

Resting Rye

This whiskey has been “resting” for a few years in Jack Daniel’s warehouse. Now we’re inviting you to watch it mature. Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye is the result of a matured Unaged Rye, and is the brewery’s first barrel-matured rye offering. A pale gold color shows it has developed some color from its time resting. The barrels instill toasted oak and vanilla into the flavor of the whiskey. Dad will definitely appreciate the spiced character from the rye grain. There is also a surprising hint of dark cherry flavor. We certainly enjoyed how Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye was maturing. Get your bottle for $69.99!

86 Proof Rarity

Jack Daniel’s Old #7 Black Label 86 Proof has some controversy. Black Label bottles made currently register at 80 proof instead of the older 86 proof. Die-hard Jack Daniel’s Black Label fans feel betrayed by this newer 80 proof. Because of the controversy, Black Label 86 Proof is a little hard to find, but we have you covered at Payless Liquors. Rare 2005 Black Label bourbon is definitely a must for the collector in your family. Secure your own bottle for $39.99!

We don’t think there is anything better than a classic bottle of bourbon. Celebrating dad and Jack Daniel’s go hand in hand. There is a limited supply on all of these bottles, so hurry in before Father’s Day! All products are available at select locations. We would not want you to miss out on this opportunity to purchase these limited Jack Daniel’s products, so reserve your bottles here!

Two Bourbon, No Scotch and No Beer

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Living legend George Thorogood said it best when he asked the bartender for one bourbon, one scotch and one beer in his famous song bearing a similar title. If you haven’t heard the song before, I pity you. Today we’ll be skipping the scotch and beer for two amazing bourbon offerings. These are Wild Turkey Forgiven and Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel exclusively bottled for Payless Liquors. Now onto the good stuff.

Let’s start with Wild Turkey Forgiven and its name. The title of this blended whiskey might make you think of a badass 90’s western or a Metallica song, but the name is actually based on how this bourbon came to be. Forgiven was never meant to exist. It was a slip up at the distillery that resulted in rye whiskey getting mixed with high proof bourbon. The mistake created an amazing whiskey that Master Distiller Eddie Russell loved in spite of its humble, accidental beginnings. Hence this bourbon was “Forgiven.”

Opening Forgiven is a bit of a test for new bourbon drinkers. The mix of oak and spices packs quite a kick for the nostrils, so you might want to let this one air for a bit. The flavor is complex, with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel. There is a strong blast of alcohol before you get to the final hints of oak, vanilla and pepper spices. Great straight up or on the rocks, Wild Turkey Forgiven will be available at Payless Liquors’ Bourbon Legends Dinner.

If you were free to visit Wild Turkey’s private warehouses and open any barrel you wished, wouldn’t you go for the best stuff in the room? Of course you would, and that’s just what Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell did when they created Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel. Taken from the best kept and aged barrels at the Wild Turkey headquarters, Russell’s Reserve is a dream come true for any bourbon lover.

Words like strong or explosive are batted around a lot in descriptions for liquor, but Russell’s Reserve has a seriously intense aroma. Bottled from a single barrel, this is the bourbon of bourbons, and 110 proof. The flavor is complex and hardcore, with hints of caramel, licorice, and vanilla. The only complaint you could have about Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is that it might ruin other bourbons for you by being too intense and delicious. Payless Liquors will have this available for sampling at our Bourbon Legends Dinner as well.

Interested in getting your hands on these exclusive bourbons sooner rather than later? Come to our Bourbon Legends Dinner, enjoy a 4 course meal from Fireside Brewhouse and meet Master Distiller Jimmy Russell! Call 859-9505 or email [email protected] to reserve a seat for Friday, June 6!

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